The Materials We Use

All of our Huff Puff houses are designed to be built using the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective, readily available materials possible.


car tyre pier
Pier or continuous strip foundations can be formed using car tyres rammed with gravel.   These can be very useful and economical on unlevel ground.

Solid foundations can be made constructed from stone and foamed glass blocks, using foamed glass gravel as insulation.

From an environmental perspective, we’re not a fan of concrete block foundations, but you can use them in conjunction with our design, if you wish.

Wall and roof and insulation:

ribs all spaced
The curved ribs form both the wall and roof of the house and can be insulated using straw bales or cellulose insulation.

For insulated floors with a void we recommend the use of sheep’s wool or hemp insulation.

For more information about building/insulating with straw please see our FAQ section

External finishing:

lime render coming down
For the straw option, the external walls are coated with traditional lime render (other breathable finishes can be used), prior to being sarked/sheathed with timber, roofing membrane applied and finished with battens and tiles.

For the cellulose option the sarking/sheathing can be applied much earlier in the build process – roofing membrane is applied and finished with battens and tiles.

There is potential to use other roof finishes such as a living roof.   Please contact us to discuss this further.