Order Process

The Self-Build Process

Before you decide to embark on your self-build project, it’s important to be well informed, and equipped with as much information as possible to make sure that your self-build goes smoothly and to plan and that it also comes to completion within your allocated budget.

We’ve put together a short guide that should help you understand the building process and what you’ll need to do to acquire your Huff Puff House Kit:

Step 1:

Get in touch with folk like us that can help you.   Do your research and seek advice about various aspects of your self build.   Visit websites like ours and talk to us.   Spend time looking at your site and build options and visit places like the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon for ideas (see us on stand 169).


Step 2:

Secure your building plot.   Look at how capable our design can be, even on tricky sites, and you might be able to find yourself just the right place!

See here for ideas

Step 3:

Order your kit and/or any other help you’d like from us.

Use the information here and contact us to establish the size and approximate cost for the kit you would like.

Basic design, with an external and internal layout, suitable for planning purposes, is included – and we can always provide more help (see Step 4).

Instructions are, of course, included and will be provided to you once you have ordered, so you don’t need to wait until you get the kit.

Step 4:

Choose what other services you need.   Would you like extra help with design, planning, building control training, construction?   Choose what extra help you would like and we can arrange it for when you need it.

You may wish to have a design drawn up before buying one as part of the kit process.  If you would like a building design drawn up for help with pre-application advice or your own full planning application, we can do this for a fixed fee.  This would often be £600 or less for a standard building – but could be more for a complex design or a more challenging site.

The great news is, if you then go ahead and order a kit, we will deduct that fee, up to £600, from the cost!

Step 5:

We will confirm your order, cost and schedule and you can pay in full or in part, as agreed.   For example, for our standard kit order you’ll pay 50% up front and 50% on delivery.   For other services, e.g. detailed design, you’ll be invoiced for each service as you receive it.

Step 6:

Delivery of services prior to your build (if you have ordered them).

Step 7:

Delivery of your kit!

Step 8:

Delivery of services for the build phase of your project, if you have ordered them.