Huff Puff House FAQs

Please can you explain some of the terminology used?

Of course!  You should find that many terms are underlined.  If you hover over them a tip should appear to explain what it means.

Alternatively you can view the whole glossary here.

Why would I choose your kit for a self build rather than someone else’s?

  • Because we care deeply about what we do and want your build to be successful.
  • If you care about the environment, about spending money and using resources wisely, we are a top choice.
  • If you want to get ‘hands on’ yourself, or use your local builder, you can. With our kit, you can put the helpful, structural skeleton of the building in place early on, and this allows you to easily fit the straw and do the other work in a much more straightforward and easier to understand way.

Kit FAQs

How much do kits cost?

Sample pricing can be found here and if you contact us with a preferred size we can provide you with a price.

What does a standard kit contain?

The standard kit contains all the components unique to the building. The standard kit is based on a frame that would sit on a plinth wall and includes:

  • One cruck per linear metre of building, plus a final one to finish. For example, a 12m long building would include 13 crucks
  • Two structural box beams – one to sit on the plinth wall at either side of the building and on which the crucks sit.
  • Bale retainers – approximately 40 per cruck.
  • Timber locator pieces, two per rib. These hold the base of each cruck in position.
  • Fishplates – two per cruck.  These are connecting plates that connect the top of each pair of ribs together, to make a cruck.

What other items can you supply?

Optional extras:

In order to minimise delivery miles you might like to order many other items of your build locally. We can help you to specify these items and suggest suppliers as part of the design and estimation process. However, if you wish, we can also supply:

  • Timber plinth walls, suitable for pier foundations
  • Joist purlins
  • First floor timber, e.g. joists
  • Other ground and first floor timber
  • Jute scrim
  • Plaster – clay, lime, etc.

What do I need to do myself and what can you help with?

We can supply many items and services for your build.  Unless otherwise agreed with us, you need to supply and are responsible for things like:

  • Sourcing the build site
  • Planning permission
  • Building control
  • Groundworks
  • Foundations incorporating DPC or capillary break
  • Plinth wall construction (if needed)
  • Finishing each end of the building.
  • Internal structure and fitting out

Is delivery included in the kit price?

Delivery to most of mainland UK is included. If you live in a hard to reach area of the UK or if your site is difficult to access, we may have to charge an extra fee. This can be estimated prior to ordering.

Will I be able to get a self-build mortgage?

It’s dependent upon your circumstances, of course, however many of the major lenders will now consider self-build mortgages for many different types of construction.  It’s definitely worth talking to the Ecology Building Society –